Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Massive Lay-Offs at Blizzard and What this Means to You and Your Gaming Experience

Sorry for the long winded title!

Today, Blizzard announced that it was laying off a bunch of people.  Click here for article.  When I first saw the wowhead tweet, I was shocked, but not really surprised.  With the gradual loss of nearly 2 million subscribers and less than awesome patches and expansions (c'mon, since the Lich King, when have you been truly excited??) it was bound to start hurting. The loss of paying subscribers means less revenue but the expenses remain high. This is not to say that Blizzard is about to declare bankruptcy - we all know that isn't true.  It just simply means that they no longer have the numbers to keep the employees.  And as we all know that in this day in age, as soon as the bottom line starts becoming the top line,  companies get vicious and just start the massive cost cutting.

They didn't really release the true numbers of how many were cut, but rumours have it that nearly 600 jobs were cut.  Unfortunately, they are probably from the support departments.  With less community managers and perhaps even GMs, it means longer wait times - period.  So when that hacker decides to steal your shit and move your character, instead of waiting a week to get everything back, it'll be a month.  

But really, Blizz?  Didn't you see this coming?  Especially with the disappointing crap you've been putting out?  Did you think that the paying audience was going to lap it all up and be content?  Honestly, I can't see myself playing beyond Mists of Pandaria (MOP).  Unfortunately, like a sucker, I locked myself in for another year just so I could get Diablo for free and a beta key for Mists.  Beyond that....I'm just waiting for Guild Wars 2, bitches. Okay, gotta go play Skyrim until it's time to raid.

Friday, February 10, 2012

I Love My Game Apps!!!

I guess I love all games. No matter how childish.  I'm totally addicted to these games that I have on my iPhone and iPad.  I had to get an iPhone so I could play my games when I'm not at home.  Alas, I didn't buy the 3G iPad, hence the need for an iPhone.

I will play nearly anything that is cutesy...and free.  Well, I've paid for a couple of game apps, but I've never played them for long.  Here's a little insight to my obsession.  On a normal work day, I need to leave the house by 6:30am -6:40am the latest, which means that I need to wake up at least by 6:15am (especially if I decide not to put on my face that day) in order to get out the door in time.  So....I will set my alarm for 5:10am so I can get all my farming and collecting done.  Sometimes, if I didn't time things right the day before, I may actually be harvesting, popping hearts and feeding until nearly 6:15am.  Yes, you read right.  I have to get up nearly an hour earlier in over to get my stuff done.  I'd rather do it on my iPad than on my phone in the mornings just because my phone battery drains quicker if I use it play games.  Sad isn't it?  Or crazy?  My friends think that it's insane, but they don't understand how AWESOME these games are!!!!  Tiny Chef, Pet Hotel, We Farm, We Rule, We City, Tap Island, Tap Zoo, Trade Nations, DragonVale....the list goes on.  I was playing games like Words with Friends.  But being the sore loser that I am, I don't like it much.  Not that I'm ever at a loss for words for anything.  And I swear, my friend was cheating!  I was playing with a friend and I was losing - just barely, of course....and he was making fun of me.  Probably because he knew that he was going to win.  What did I do?  I just deleted the app.  I totally denied him the win!  HAHA!  Do not mess with me!

What are some of your favourite game apps?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

On the Skyrim Bandwagon

I finally did it.  I joined the bandwagon.  I bought Skyrim.  Or Skeerim.  I say that to bug my friends.  I have yet to actually open up the game to play with because I've been busy with rated battlegrounds and raiding, but this weekend, I shall try it.  I was thinking of trying god mode or god cheat.  Whatever you want to call it.  I get frustrated easily whenever I die.  Trust me, a lot of that happened when I was levelling one of my many characters in WOW.  I blame the husband.  He always bites off more than he can chew and unfortunately, being the resident healer, i'm stuck trying to keep him up.  So, this time around, with this single player, I may just cheat. I was told that the easy mode was really easy and that I won't die and blah blah blah....Don't believe it.  And I don't wanna risk it.  So there.  It's been decided.  God mode it is.