Saturday, January 7, 2012

Welcome to the Gaming Side of the Beauty and the Gamer!

Hi Everyone!

If you follow my other blog, diaryofaclosetgamer, for the beauty stuff, now you've found the gaming stuff.

I mainly play World of Warcraft where I play in a Top 10 guild on my server and are usually in the top 10 geared players on my server (which may or may not say a lot because my server is a little lame).  I want to try and include other games, but I just haven't had the chance yet with all the raiding that has been taking up my time.

Anyways, if you happen to be on my server and like or don't like what you're reading on my blog, leave a comment.  But don't spam - I will ruin you!  And if you're going to criticize, make it constructive and not just plain old negative and all jealous like.  Because if that happens, I'll most likely tell you to screw off and put you on ignore.  Or better, I'll report you.  :P

If you are on my server, Thunderhorn (US), look me up!  Drunkgirl is the character name. Human Holy Paladin in Last Hope.

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