Saturday, March 3, 2012

Apple of my eye?

I have this weird love hate relationship with Apple products.  I find that they are cool and intuitive once you understand how they work, but I don't find them technologically advanced.  Let me explain, for the amount of money you, say spend on a mac book, you could easily get a nice little Alienware laptop (speaking from a gaming perspective, of course).  I mean, when my desktop crapped out last year, my husband insisted on getting me a mac.  Guess what?  Doesn't run WOW very well. And I can't EVEN begin to play Skyrim on it.  You wanna know what I can play on this thing?  Nothing.  Yet, I own an iPad (original), iPhone, iPod nano and Appletv. I love how everything is interconnected and almost effortless to try and sync things and etc.  But I hate how e.v.e.r.y.t.i.m.e I wake my computer up from sleep mode, I have to find my wireless connection again...and again...and again.  I want to scream!  I probably don't use this thing for anything other than the basics.  If I want to game, I need to use my husband's gaming computer.  I know that re-learning how to use a computer is very frustrating.  Whoever thought that to close a program down, clicking the "x" would be enough is a genius.  Whoever thought that having to actually shut down the program by clicking drop down menu and "quitting" should be shot.  And what happened to my delete button as I know it on my pc?  And what is up with all these freaking shortcuts???  I can't handle it.  And no number pad????  It's not all that bad.  It's got a beautiful screen.  And it looks cool.

But this leads me to ask the question, if they announce the release of the iPad 3 come March 7th, will you buy one?  I probably will.  

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